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Monero Auto Faucet

What is Monero?
Monero, also known by its acronym XMR, is a cryptocurrency that came to light in 2014 as a fork of Bytecoin (not to be confused with Bitcoin), and is an open source cryptocurrency that inherited the Cryptonote protocol of Bytecoin, which It provided total anonymity that other cryptocurrencies can not offer. We must differentiate the concepts of privacy offered by other types of cryptocurrencies normally, to the total anonymity that Monero offers, since the economic transactions that are carried out are totally confidential and untraceable..

The Monero network allows any user with a deep knowledge of cryptography to make private transactions to other users from anywhere in the world that are impossible to follow. Monero seeks independence and decentralization, in which transactions are confirmed through distributed consensuses that are registered in the block chain, but that information does not allow the participants to be identified.
This total anonymity has made it a widely used currency for cybercrime and the Darknet, so it can be used for the sale of illegal products or services. However, it can also be used for legal purposes, with the aim of avoiding the projection and control of data, and having a great security.