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What is Bitcore?

Bitcore is a cryptocurrency that is a hybrid Bitcoin fork. Although there is talk of the holders, many people know the Bitcoin holders as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold; instead, a few known Bitcore bits or hybrids. Using the source code and Bitcoin technology, Bitcore created a new chain of blocks; The size of the smaller block chain was secured, the scalability is better. In addition, blocking times are faster than those of Bitcoin, while mining is also resistant to ASIC.

How Bitcore works

Bitcore is not that different from Bitcoin from now on. In fact, it is quite inferior to Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies; It has no use at the time of writing this. It is an investment perspective for those who believe that the currency starts up soon and will reach great heights. The reason why I would like to invest in Bitcore is because of its unique practices.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcore

It has a small chain of blocks that is light on the machine
It is resistant to ASIC
By making weekly Airdrops for all users, developers are encouraged to continue working and currency availability is disseminated
It offers nothing unique and is not even accepted by merchants from now on
Even after airdrops, not many people are using it.