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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a crypto currency and alternative version of the Bitcoin project that arose as a result of a programmed hard bifurcation that was executed on August 1, 2017 and that resulted in the separation of the original chain of bitcoin blocks into two differentiated and coexisting chains of blocks. Its irruption in the ecosystem is the result of a prolonged disagreement on how to achieve bitcoin scalability. Bitcoin Cash currently has the capacity to process data blocks of 32 MB every approximately 10 minutes (30 MB more than the most popular version of Bitcoin), does not support Segwit transactions and supports a proprietary address format called CashAddress, differentiable from the traditional format and more compatible with the potential addition of intelligent contracts.

In 2010, Satoshi Nakamoto introduced a maximum limit of 1 MB on the size of temporary bitcoin blocks. The purpose of this measure was to prevent SPAM attacks that might have threatened the stability of the currency in its earliest stages. As a consequence of the relationship between transaction processing capacity and adoption growth, over time, blocks of this size became insufficient, and the network began to become congested. The bitcoin network at that time had the capacity to authenticate approximately 2000 operations (in traditional format) in each block, and since only 1 block could be generated every 10 minutes (for security reasons), the bitcoin network had a processing capacity of about 7 transfers per second.

The aforementioned congestion, together with the relationship between voluntarily paid tariffs and confirmation time, forced users to choose between a longer waiting time for the first confirmation of their transactions, and paying high tariffs (often equal to or greater than the amount sent, and many times greater than what you would pay if you used other means of payment).